What is a Life in the Spirit Experience?

•People receiving Biblical teaching on who the Holy Spirit is and what the Spirit can do in their lives;

•People having the opportunity to be filled with the Spirit;

•People being empowered and gifted for ministry to the world;

•People receiving powerful prayer ministry;

•People experiencing the Holy Spirit touching their lives and changing them forever.

The Holy Spirit comes as an active participant in the weekend.

An Overview

A Life in the Spirit Experience (LISE) begins on Friday evening with worship and an introduction to the weekend. All sessions begin with worship using a mix of familiar hymns and contemporary worship  songs.

Throughout the weekend team members share on ten ministries of the Holy Spirit (eg. love, prayer, guidance) and there are also talks centring around kingdom encounters in the book of Acts, as well as the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Each team member includes as part of their talk personal testimony regarding the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. A key feature of the weekend is the opportunity for participants to be filled (or re-filled) with the Spirit and to receive prayer and personal ministry from team members.

The team normally takes responsibility for the morning worship on Sunday, with the coordinator preaching and team members leading in worship.